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What is your current immigration status in the UK?
Do you hold a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate?
Upload Food Hygiene Level 2 Certificate
What's your preferred position?
Are you comfortable with and capable of lifting heavy equipment?
Can you assist in setting up and loading up the van?
Do you have prior experience operating essential professional equipment such as an LPG griddle and changing gas canisters
Do you have previous experience in street food?
Do you have cooking and food prep skills?
Do you have experience or knowledge in Asian cuisine?
Are you flexible to travel for events?
Languages Spoken:
Do you have experience in customer service?
Unicorn Rice bowl Chilli Oil.png

Join our crew and become a culinary wizard as we whip up dishes that would make even Studio Ghibli characters jealous.

Whether you're a ramen-loving ninja, a tempura samurai, or a sushi sensei, there's a place for you in our Japanese-inspired kitchen.

Our Lucky Unicorn family welcomes all aspiring chefs, and together, we'll create food magic that'll have you shouting 'Itadakimasu!' with pride.


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